Ukulele Group

Tuesday 5th December 2023
1:00 pm to
4:30 pm
repeats every 2 weeks

Group Leader: Gareth Mills

This group is aimed at amateur ukulele players with at least some basic knowledge of playing theukulele and who are looking to improve their skills by playing as a part of a group. There is noformal teaching as we develop by learning and coaching from each other. You don’t need to readmusic as most of our music is in the form of lyrics and ukulele chords.

We have group members with varying abilities but all contribute to the overall sound of our
ukulele group. We encompass all genres of music from many decades right up to the present time;the main thing is to have fun while improving your playing ability on this wonderful instrument.

The ukulele is currently experiencing much deserved popularity and we have already been asked
to perform locally. Who knows, in the future, we may even aspire to become a Ukulele Orchestra!

For U3A members only.